1It was one year ago today that nuVue made its way into the Play Store. An app we wrote to fill a specific need: new media notifications for our Plex server. Oh, how you’ve grown, little app. Now you speak Emby as well as Plex. You can tell us What’s New, What’s Next, and What’s Playing. You know how to work the remote control. You’ve learned to share with your friends. And you even wear big-boy Material Design clothes now. It seems only fitting that a party is in order!

So between now and July 31, both nuVue and its Pay-It-Forward premium features will be on sale for 50% off! That’s a mere $0.99 USD for the app and $1.99 USD for the ability to forward notifications via e-mail and allow your shared users to use nuVue Shared for free. So get in on the deal and join us to see what the next year brings for nuVue!

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