icon_beta_hi_resWe’re another step closer to nuVue 2.0 and ready to let our users have a hands-on experience with the newly added nuVue messaging feature. At the moment, this is just for Plex users who make use of shared libraries.  Since the announcement of our 2.0 roadmap,  Media Browser has also added library sharing capabilities.  Our plan is to give this new ability a little time to settle and stabilize before we add support in nuVue. But on to the good stuff…

Upon launching the beta, nuVue will force a refresh of your servers. If you are sharing libraries with other Plex users, you will be greeted with a brand new option in the action bar for nuVue messaging:



Pressing the icon will take you to your list of messages, which will, of course, be empty to start with. But once you and your friends are up and running,you’ll see any messages that they have sent you here:



From here, you’ll be able to view the full message content, reply, and delete messages. Or you can send a new message to either users that you share with, or server owners that share with you:



Users that have nuVue and are using the beta will be able to take advantage of the built-in messaging.  But for your friends that are currently missing out on all the fun, you can have nuVue send their message via email instead. These emails will be delivered to them by

So grab the beta by joining the Google+ Community, then signing up here, fire it up, and invite your Plex friends to give it a spin as well. Let us know what you like, what you don’t, and what issues you encounter.  And thanks for taking the time to make nuVue even better!

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