icon_beta_hi_resYou can’t stop progress! The latest nuVue beta has been released that includes trial support for the upcoming Pay-It-Forward premium features. These are targeted at server owners who share their libraries–right now, just Plex users; but Media Browser will have its turn too.  If you are sharing your libraries with other users, you will see a new section in the settings:



From the Purchase/Free Trial option, you will be able to start a full 14-day trial of Pay-It-Forward. This period is only available during the beta; afterward it will be reduced to a 7-day trial. Once enabled, you will have access to Notification Forwarding. By default, any of your shared users who are not also using the nuVue beta will receive an email notification sent to their Plex account’s email address when new media is added to your server. You can, of course, choose which users receive this and which do not. When your copy of nuVue notifies you, their inboxes will now share in the love:




And coming soon, your Android friends who do not have their own servers will be able to enjoy (almost) all that nuVue has to offer because of your generosity. nuVue Shared will be a completely free version of nuVue that your friends will be able to use to monitor any library shared by a nuVue user with Pay-It-Forward enabled. The only limitation is that the app will not be able to monitor any local servers.

And don’t think that we’ve stopped there. We’re doing the R&D thing on another cool addition for shared server owners. Stay tuned!

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