peeping-eye-keyhole-630x286With the release of version 2.2, nuVue has taken another step away from just being a cool way to get notified of new media on your Plex and Media Browser servers and another step toward being your media server sidekick. Not only can you see what has been recently added, what TV episodes are up next, and what movies you’re in the middle of; but now you can see what is currently being watched. As with all other nuVue features, there is no need to install anything additional on your server. Just enable What’s Playing monitoring, choose whether to check on wi-fi only or any connection type, set your update frequency, and Bob’s your uncle.




And, yes, as those of you with a keen sense of sight will have undoubtedly noticed, we’ve jumped on the Material Design bandwagon. Updates are rolling out. Look for the new hotness on your phone or tablet soon.

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