payitforwardThe next major release of nuVue is in various stages of design, proof-of-concept, and development. Normally, I’d say it’s a bad idea for a developer to share too much information about upcoming features. There’s always the chance that something unexpected will happen and your already-announced feature never sees the light of day. (Think angry mobs with torches and pitchforks.) Or that you will now have to answer all the “when will it be released?” questions. (The answer is always, “when it’s done”.)  But, in this case, I’d like to give the community at-large a chance to shape the future of nuVue. Oh, and maybe stir up a bit of hype for the app at the same time.

One of the differentiating features of Plex is its ability to share libraries with other users. Given enough storage, horsepower, and bandwidth, any Plex server can become your very own on-demand video streaming service for family and friends. Currently, nuVue works just as well with shared libraries as it does with your own content when it comes to new media notification. But what if it could do more?

How about notifying your shared users that your server is going to be down for maintenance? Or letting them know that you’re going to have to delete all of your episodes of Bosom Buddies so you can make room for the new season of The Walking Dead? (So start that Buffy and Hildegard marathon…now!) Perhaps you’re the kind and generous type and really don’t want to ask your mom, your six siblings, and your thirteen cousins to pony up and buy the app just because they share your library. So how about a free version of nuVue for them, and a discounted way to pay for shared users for you? Do you share with iPhone friends? Flip phone friends? NoPhone friends? How about forwarding new media notifications to them via email or text message?

There you have it. nuVue 2.0 will be the caring-and-sharing-pay-it-forward release. If you share your libraries, let us know what kind of features you’d like to see as a server admin.  Reply here, send us an email, join our Google+ community, visit the Plex forums, post on our Facebook page, Tweet us. Whatever way, just get us your ideas.

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