plex_castSince adding the ability to start playback on connected clients, by far the top feature request we have received has been to also support playback to Chromecast devices.  While we agree fully that this would complete the playback experience from within nuVue, Chromecast is a different beast than “normal” clients.  To make a long, technical story short, talking to the Plex or Emby player on the Chromecast device requires knowledge of a couple of identifiers (one assigned by Google) and the messaging API that is being used.  These items are typically, and purposely, private–otherwise anyone could write an app to control, for example, YouTube on Chromecast.  Many parts of Emby are open-source, and the developers have been willing to share their Chromecast information with us; but Plex is a closed-source project. We reached out the the Plex development team to see if they would consider sharing as well, knowing quite well that the answer could very well be “no”.  The official answer I received from Plex employee Chris C was:

Plex’s Chromecast support is limited to our official apps, I’m afraid. Regular playback to “Plex Companion” capable apps is possible of course (which it sounds like you already do), but it’s not the case for Chromecast.

(Read the full conversation here.)

So the unfortunate news for nuVue Plex users that were hoping for Chromecast support is that it will not be possible. Though not optimal, a workaround some users have discovered is to install the Plex Android app, enable the setting to ‘Advertise as player’, cast to that player from nuVue, then cast to Chromecast from the Plex app.

We fully understand and respect the decision made by the Plex team, and hope you will continue to find nuVue useful despite this limitation.

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