20metalThe finishing touches have been put in place and nuVue 2.0 is ready for public consumption. As promised, this release opens the door to more (and future) functionality for users who share their libraries with others. At the moment, this is only for Plex users, but support of Emby Connect and all of its media sharing-is-caring goodness is just around the corner. Now fully supporting both Plex and Emby Connect! So, without further ado, we introduce you to:

nuVue Messaging

Sure everyone these days is already over-connected with each other. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to figure out the best way to communicate with someone. nuVue Messaging takes the guess work out of being heard when it comes to your media. Are you a server owner that needs to let your shared users know about server downtime, or media this is going to be deleted, or to get a friend to stop hogging your bandwidth? Are you a shared user that needs to let a server owner know about playback problems, or request your favorite movie or TV series? Then simply open up Messaging, pick your recipients, type out your message, and send away. If the friend is also a nuVue user, then the message will show up in their notification tray and in the app. If they haven’t discovered the joy of nuVue yet, then it will be delivered via email to the address associated with their Plex or Emby account. Simple as that.




We realize that not everyone out there has an Android device, or even a smartphone. And you may have a number of just such friends that you share your libraries with. Thanks to the deep down goodness of your heart, you can let them experience nuVue media notifications just like you do. With the Pay-It-Forward premium feature, server owners can “foot the bill” for their shared users. You will be able to set up Notification Forwarding that will send an email with newly added media–complete with posters and all of the details you get to see in nuVue. Media can be grouped into a single email that is sent for all new additions; or multiple emails sent based upon media type, library, or server. And they can be delivered either at the same time you receive your nuVue notifications, or daily at a time of your choosing. Any or all of your non-nuVue using friends can be selected to have their inboxes graced with new media.



nuVue Shared

And, finally, along with Notification Forwarding, your Pay-It-Forward license allows your friends and family to use nuVue Shared for absolutely free. They will have full access to notifications, messaging, and everything else nuVue has to offer. The only catch is that nuVue Shared will only monitor shared servers, and only those whose owners have chosen to Pay-It-Forward. Get it here.

If you’re the sharing type, grab the update, Pay-It-Forward, and feel the warmth of being just that much closer to your friends and family. Enjoy!

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